And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

If you’re in New York, you’re sweating right now because your dang building super forgot to turn off the heat – we’re in a mini heat wave, even an Indian Summer if you will. I will. So stop pretending like you’re able to work and just watch these videos. You’re welcome.

5. As a kid, I used to play with plastic horses that had as their riders The Lone Ranger and Tonto. I was too young to know wtf they were all about, but old enough that the toys were still lingering in my older brother’s toy box. So I’m pretty stoked that this film is coming out, with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter no less, because I’ll finally figure out what the heck I was doing with those dolls.

4. Yadda yadda Gangnam Style. Except, here it is done acoustically. You won’t want to miss.

3. Dogs are the best, which is why we regularly share animal videos in hopes you’ll find ways to share the awesomeness of their abilities in your advertisios. Case in point, this dog knows how to catch fish.

2. Hipsters! If only they were represented, in musical form, by your favorite Disney princesses. Oh luck, here they are, just as described.

1. The Walking Dead, a graphic novel that has been mutilated by AMC (seewhatididthere) to turn it into an admittedly awesome show (but readers of the novel will agree the show is a bit off course). Here’s a clip of Scott Ian learning how they do all the blood and gore. Beware, it may make you ILL.