And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

If you’re reading this, you probably survived the storm, and all the hand-wringing that lead up to it. They say the advertising industry is full of heart-bleedy liberals, but all sorts of political views were put aside to help the recovery along – which is fantastic. I for one am a little bit proud of everyone who came together, even if it was just loaning out wifi to neighbors whose Time Warner Cable service was down. That’s the neighborly thing to do – and as a thanks, we’re being neighborly with the good-video-sharing. That is to say, here’s some clips to finish off your day, and the long week that lead you here.

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5. Where Jon Stewart points out some obvious skullduggery played by Bullshit Mountain News, where an avalanche (the election) rocked the mineral formation to its spurious core this week, in such a way that you are forced to take pity on the arbiters of the “Republican” story.


4. John Lewis has here a holiday commercial you may take interest in. Here, a snowman treks a long while in order to, well, something. The narrative is rich and the payoff sweet, like a perfect holiday truffle wrapped in pretty gold foil. Enjoy this tidbit before some client thing sucks what remains of your hapless soul.

3. Some big moves were made during this election, including Minnesotans effectively blocking a referendum that would have defined marriage as between one man and one woman in the state, creating an amendment to the Constitution in the process. The coalition setup to block that referendum nearly went home Tuesday night before getting the results. So unsure was the situation that the leadership was just sending folks home when the news of the election’s outcome finally came through on the AP wire. Someone caught that moment on tape, and it’s pretty ‘motional.

2. And now onto the important stuff, namely this trailer for Angry Birds, Star Wars edition – a new game that comes with this fantastic little trailer that shows gives a glimpse into how these two worlds finally came together.

1. The hands are the best tools in the world, according to a guy who makes bicycles and is in this video. You guys use your hands for stuff, so I am sure you will relate. The bicycle engineer in this film is supplying bikes for a Detroit-based company. It’s globalism at work people, and it’s all you need to feel momentarily inspired.