And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

GAWWWDD this rain, amiright? I mean, one minute you’re skipping-to-your-loo down Spring St. (pun intended), looking at all the attractives and the next you’re huddled at your desk fighting off syphilis. UGH spring is the worst sometimes. Luckily I’ve been looking at the internet all week and huzzah, yes, I have yet again provided videos for your enjoyments. You’ll see giraffes doing backflips, learn about those pesky little Bitcoins (which are actually more interesting than I realized) and a couple of GoPro clips that are fairly to very awesome.

5. Giraffes. You thought they were adept only at eating leaves from the tops of trees. Nay, they’re also good at doing backflips off of high dives. Obviously, this is a CG thing, but still, it’s pretty fun to watch. Fast forward to like 2 mins to see what the 26,166 others found so intriguing.


4. All this talk about Bitcoin this week got me wondering – why are people all in a tiff over (what I presumed to be) some kind of Farmville related currency? Turns out it’s an actual thing. This video ‘splains it in a fun Australian accent that will at least make your ears feel good. 241k y’allll!

3. Ken Block. How many of his videos do we have to watch? Well, this time I submit his latest because of the awesome ways in which the GoPro cameras employed for recording were setup. You can probably make good use of this in your next broom commerce. 345,346.

2. OK so here’s another GoPro spot, this time of a guy with a cat on his back as he rides around Philly. Controversial? Maybe. Fantastic? Definitely! 518,351

1.No way to explain. Google street view turned into film? Confused. Watch. 672k others did!