And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Finally, after at least a couple weeks of wondering, Will Sasso of Mad TV fame has found a use for the 6-second video creation device known as Vine: choking up lemons. As if that’s not useful enough for you, we have an awesome new way to use GoPros to capture an array of shots from similar angles that make you look like a badass. Then, social farting and asking Kate Upton to prom and two trailers you won’t be able to skip, assuming you’re a Star Trek and/or Thrones fan. Let’s go.

6. Will Sasso has nailed Vine, using the platform to create 6 second lemon-takes. For some reason, whenever the word lemon or any citrus reference is made, Sasso coughs up an entire lemon. Sounds sour, but it’s oddly entertaining. Slap an ad on it and call it a day, boys. 217,197.


5. Here’s a PSA that equates social smoking (I only puff when I’m out with friends) to social farting, which is farting when you’re out with your friends – which doesn’t exist except that it does exist just not as outwardly. No comment; just 326,643.

4. ESPN and Kid President teamed up to kick-off March Madness. Kid fills out his bracket, reveals that he’s a Zag fan, and wants to rename it #MarchGladness. Get happy, you’re one of 485,438.

3. Remember when the NFL used multiple camera angles for awhile and took still frames for certain shots, then showed viewers an image from every angle in succession, creating a 180 or 360 degree visual effect? A guy figured out how to do that with GoPros, and at least 562,880 have seen his example, meaning at least 400,000 art directors are already trying to think of ways to borrow the technique for their next spot. Get on it.

2. Star Trek Into Darkness new trailer drool face storyline Enterprise crash 1,253,193.

1. Game of Thrones, (spoiler alert) which is about to become America’s next favorite weekly zombie thriller, is returning with a cold bang. For most of us winter is fading away; but at least 1,560,138 can’t wait for it to arrive.

BONUS A kid asks Kate Upton to come to his prom. If the internet wasn’t just a bunch of naked-lady .jpegs when I was in high school, I’d have asked Jennifer Aniston if she’d loan me Brad Pitt for mine. Let’s be honest – if you want to get laid, you need Brad as your wingman. 1,579,536 and have a grate weekend.