And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Since I refuse to play any meme videos, you’ll notice that this week’s collection doesn’t have gazillions of views. I’m a snob like that. Rather, this week’s content is a love-fact, avalanche back-flipping, condom-delivering foray into cool and smart and funny things. You’ll be entertained, assuming your brain works exactly like mine does. As an extreme narcissist, I can only assume it does. Here you go, like it or not.

5.Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti, not to be confused with fictional Baltimore mayor Tommy Carcetti from HBO’s The Wire, has one thing in common with his surname almost-doppleganger; friends in high places. Here, actor and business owner and father of three Will Ferrell advocates for Garcetti in typical Ferrell fashion. For Spanish speakers, there’s also a spot by Salma Hayek. At just 34,420 views, Ferrell’s is just a little baby bump. Still, the man knows how to keep it fresh by popping up in random places doing fun things.


4. Back in 1985, someone started the first ever condom delivery service. It didn’t last. But the idea was reborn recently by a NJ college student whose company offers service in a snap. If you didn’t know, PR sometimes counts as “free” advertising. Because it’s free. And you have no control over the final product. Still, with 112,198 views, this kid’s company probably just reached capacity.

3. For any ad person who has thought “fuck this job I should be at Google”, here’s a new Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson-led flick called The Internship about two washed up watch salesmen who reinvent themselves by vying for internships at the world’s biggest brain-factory. 305,810 for a trailer isn’t great, but since you all want to work there anyway it just makes sense to watch it.

2. Did you do well yesterday in the love category? If you’re not fresh off a round of sex, you failed. It’s probably because you don’t understand the nature of love. This clip from ASAP Science, with 533,453 means at least that many people scored yesterday – because they just get it.

1. It’s ski season, and with Lindsey Vonn off the circuit after a horrific crash, you’ll need to take a moment and watch this guy backflip his way out of an avalanche during the Swatch Skiers Cup. You can’t make this stuff up. At 770,241this guy is every skier’s hero right meow.