And Now, a Message from Tommy Lee Jones for Ameriprise

By Bob Marshall 

Tommy Lee Jones apologizes if he caught you at a bad time, but he just saw you strolling down this dirt road and was wondering if you’d be able to talk, man to man, over a white picket fence. Now, listen to Tommy Lee Jones’ favorite American tale about financial services company Ameriprise.

So, why is the star of cheerleader comedy Man of the House Ameriprise’s new spokesman? According to the Ameriprise announce, these new spots from R/GA “speak directly to American’s current concerns about their financial future — highlighting Ameriprise’s 117 years of history, not taking any bail-out money during the financial crisis and a commitment to work one-on-one to help people secure their future. Tommy Lee Jones supports these messages by bringing an added dimension of authenticity, while also representing the Boomer generation hit so hard by the most recent recession.” Who knew that one of the stars of the forthcoming film Men in Black 3-D felt the recession just as much everyone else?

The campaign features a variety of videos on Ameriprise’s YouTube page where Tommy Lee Jones is joined by some of the company’s employees, who explain how they can help potential clients invest in the future. Tommy Lee Jones thanks you for your time, and would like to invite you inside his humble cottage where he has a pitcher of lemonade and fresh baked cookies that “aren’t going to eat themselves, haha.”