And Now, a Heartwarming Exchange Between an Agency Prez & CCO

By Kiran Aditham 

This actually happened a few days ago, but we figured a good warming of the cockles was in order to kick off yet another work week. If you haven’t heard, Martin Agency president Mike Hughes has been battling cancer for some time now and began documenting what he’s going through under hospice care via his blog, “Unfinished Thinking (and now there’s a sister blog as well). Well, weeks after his writing commenced, his agency, led by chief creative officer Joe Alexander, sent some love back his way via the tribute site, “We All Love Mike.”

Well, the fond reciprocation has continued as of last week as Alexander sent this note to Hughes that perhaps provides a glimpse into their relationship and perhaps the culture at Martin:  “Last year, I approached the St. Paul School Board about a scholarship in my dad’s name. He was a lifelong educator in St. Paul and really felt teaching was his “calling.” They loved the idea and I’m happy to say we have a first winner. It’s an annual award that will be given to a minority male graduating senior who has committed to majoring in education in college. Just thrilled about this. Wanted to share with you because I know how much you love this kind of stuff – and yeah – I love impressing you, too. That never gets old. Love you, Joe”

As one tipster says, “How many President-CCO relationships in advertising include promoting one’s charitable work, smiley face emoticons and telling each other I love you? Not enough.” Can’t say we disagree.