And Now, a Heartfelt Plea from a Copywriter/Webby Nominee

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, if she can warm the cockles of one such as Edward Boches, whom she tried and failed many years ago to serve as an assistant to at Mullen, perhaps she can win you over too. We’re talking about one Lisa Taylor, currently a “freelance integrated copywriter” who spent a few years as an ACD at Arnold and is now up for a Webby for her “Cover Letter Customizer” effort. Anyhow, as she’s running way behind, Taylor sent us the note below as a plea to help her gain votes. We, being fair and slightly unbalanced, promise not to cast our own. We’re just passing the word along and trying to help a girl out. See the note below:

“Dear AgencySpy people,

I’m a freelance copywriter. The self-promotion website I created with the help of some awesome friends,, is nominated for a Webby Award.

While I’m psyched to be nominated, I’m currently in 5th (and last) place for the People’s Voice portion, despite @malecopywriter‘s supportive tweets. If I’m going to lose, I want to go out with a bang, preferably a bang that gets Edward Boches to vote for me. (And according to his tweet, he did this morning.) Now, I’m hoping to get yours.

Voting ends April 26th.

Thank you for your time and consideration.