And In This Corner, The Beast Of The East, Mahindra…!

By SuperSpy 

As if the big US automakers need any more competition, India is bringing their autos Stateside. Mahindra will be the first line of Indian-made vehicles to hit the U.S. market. However, the distributor for the automaker said that tens of thousands of light pickup trucks annually will be assembled on US soil. Ohio to be exact. Americans will be able to choose from among three Mahindra vehicles: the Scorpio, a luxury SUV; and a pickup truck offered in both two-door and four-door models. All three will use diesel engines. By 2010, their hybrid will be available, as well.

The company is well known as an international tractor maker, but folks are wondering if Americans are ready to purchase a car from India. We say, “hell yeah.” A large junk of Americans are quite willing to buy cars from overseas vendors, especially once you step out of the out heartland and don’t these pics above look suburban warrior ready? Plus, in these days of recession, and with diesel engines posting a 20 to 40 percent better mileage rating than comparable gasoline engines, if the price is right…

StrawberryFrog has been named the AOR, so we’ll see how they handle all these issues. Side note: StrawberryFrog was also appointed AOR for the international Mistubishi Motors, which is part of DaimlerChrysler.

Comments over at the car blog Jalopnik range from the dubious to the downright thrilled:

“So does that mean when some Indian fellow is upset with his Mahindra, he will have to call a customer service rep in Ohio? Im no Alanis Morriset [sic], but I think thats what they call Irony..”

“It’s smart to go after the professional market first, where hard numbers have a chance at trumping brand bigotry.We’ll see if it’s as good as they claim, but a small diesel 4×2/4 pickup that gets over 30MPG and can take a beating? They could make a nice little niche for themselves.”

“hell, i drive an average of 300 miles a week for business, in a car (mazda 3) and only average about 28mpg because of the loads. give me a cheap diesel pickup, 4×4, and still 30 mpg and ill take one in a heart beat.”

” these guys are dreamin if anybody is buyin for over $10,000 with $20,000…. i’d buy a 5 year old dodge diesel first”