An Excerise In Changing The Business: Advertising Vending Machines

By SuperSpy 

Over at MarketingProfs, Jim Bonfield has posted a request for folks to poke holes in his company, InstantExpert’s, model for local advertising. Want to help? You can see the whole post here and the dummy version of the company site, here. This is the gist:

“Imagine the local advertising buying process being more like online banking. Imagine a environment where small business owners can buy advertising and marketing packages created specifically for their industry with a few mouse clicks and a credit card. This is InstantExpert. A one-stop-shop for pre-packaged, local advertising expertly designed by major media companies and advertising agency professionals. An online “advertising vending machine” with full tracking, reporting and inbound call and lead processing services 24 hours a day.


These packages are pre-configured for specific industries, taking the pain out of buying local, online, or traditional advertising while supplying a much needed service to members and users.

Here’s the other thing: “InstantExpert(sm) Inc. provides a cost effective, new sales channel for agencies to sell pre-configured advertising packages through our Trade Association and OEM Partners…”

Beneath the tab named “ad agency” they even say that they’ll be sending around an RFP. We post this because:

1) Isn’t there something like this already? Swear. Feel it tickling the edge of our brain. Isn’t for broadcast? Little help. Mucho appreciated.

2) We’re interested in hearing whether you think this is a great idea or just an awful one. Pre-configured advertising… worth thinking about for ten seconds. Wouldn’t you see the same ad with possible slight variations over and over again? What about marketplace trends – how flexible and how often would these packages change to keep up with consumer behavior?