Amy Borkowsky To Take GM’s Vacant Spot At The Super Bowl

By SuperSpy 

GM is on its knees. Evidence comes by way of their massive lay-offs, possible merger with Chrysler and their pull out of this year’s Super Bowl.

NBC need not worry about those lost dollars. A young woman named Amy Borowsky is in the midst of raising $3M to run her own ad… for a husband.

Amy told the New York Post that: “Dating is a numbers game. I need to reach a large pool of guys.” Oh sister. The desperation? It ain’t cute. Then again, Amy moonlights as a comedian and those guys (both male and female) traffic in self-depreciation. And catch this! She was also a Group Creative Director at Lowe & Partners.

If you’d like to donate to Amy’s fundraising drive, head over to her site. And if you’re interested in getting to know Amy better, here’s what she is looking for: “My ideal man would have a big brain, a good heart and a really annoying mother. I wouldn’t rule out a creative accountant unless his creativity resulted in federal charges.”

What else could a girl ask for?

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