AMV BBDO Tackles Incontinence for TENA Men

By Erik Oster 

AMV BBDO tackles the stigma of  incontinence in a new spot for TENA Men entitled “Control.”

The spot, directed by Jeff Low of Biscuit Filmworks UK, follows a “man of a certain age” named Sterling Gravitas who is “in control of all aspects of [his] life.” He demonstrates that control in a variety of over-the-top ways, from juggling chainsaws and walking on hot coals to a rather impressive parallel parking display. The man then addresses the issue at hand with the line “When you’re used to being in control you can’t have it taken away, certainly not by something like urine leakage.” He delivers the line with an appropriately awkward face, followed by the “Keep Control” tagline.

With so many ads for erectile dysfunction medication on the air (and you’d be excused for assuming this is another one of these after the beginning of the ad), it’s strange that there haven’t been more attempts to address the stigma of this other problem faced by elderly gentleman. AMV BBDO uses humor in its attempt to chip away at this stigma, and the “Keep Control” tagline makes a lot of sense as it addresses the benefits of the product and the more embarrassing aspects of incontinence simultaneously.

“Urinary issues among men are much more common than most people know and can have a negative impact on life,” said Meta Redstedt, Global Brand Director at TENA Men, in a statement. “With the TENA Men campaign we want to make men aware how common this is and that there are products to deal with it, so men can keep control and their quality of life can go back to normal.”