AMV BBDO, Braun and Aardman Animate Your Facial Hair

By Patrick Coffee 

You have a beard, don’t you? Or at least you have one of those “I don’t feel like shaving for about a week” sort of things. See, we get it: shaving is both boring and uncomfortable. We are going to take another wild guess regarding your distaste for the overuse of CGI in advertising.

On that note, a recent campaign created for razor brand Braun by AMV BBDO and the guys behind Wallace & Gromit used a bit of the old stop motion to create the impression of some conveniently disappearing facial hair.

Here’s the spot, which was produced by Aardman Animations.

So that was kind of fun. We liked the guy flicking away his own goatee, which is really the best thing for both parties.

This work seems to have been under wraps since it first went live in February, but we did get a pitch so the client is finally OK with pushing it out now.

Here’s a behind the scenes with the director, because you are curious. (This thing took an entire month to shoot–and as we noted in the excerpt for this post, several beards were quite obviously harmed during the filming process.)

No way we would be able to sit still for that, even if the director were a very polite British man.

Better than doing it with a razor, though!


Client: Procter & Gamble International Operations, P&G Braun
Marketing Director: Alessandra Dolfini

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Producer: Christina Hermann
Creatives: Jeremy Tribe & Prabhu Wignarajah

Production Company: Aardman Animations
Director: Will Studd
Producer: Stephanie Owen
Production Manager: James Whetherley
Production Co-ordinator: Caroline Hague
Storyboard Artist: Matt Lloyd
Consultant Stylist: Sean Holmes
Stylists: Chris Foster, Ryan MacGregor, Yaseen Sumum
Animator 3: Justin Smith
Directors of Photography: Sam Morris, Jeremy Hogg
Camera Assistants: Joe Maxwell, Beth MacDonald, Adam Cook
Studio Manager: Nathan Sale
Electrician: Andy Woodland
Rigger: Craig Atkinson
Engineer: Lew Gardiner
Make-up Artist: Grace Kingsley
Runner: Sam Horton
CGI Supervisor: Ben Toogood
Senior Post Production Supervisor: Jim Lewis
Head of Post Production: Bram Ttwheam
Post Artists: Jon Biggins, Spencer Cross, Fernando Lechuga, Neil Scholes, Daniel Binder, Gary Kelly, Benito Sanz
Editors: Dan Hembery, Ben Craske
Behind the Scenes Interviewer/Editor: Ben Dowden