AMV BBDO, Bodyform Think the ‘Last Taboo’ for Female Athletes Is Menstrual Blood

By Erik Oster 

AMV BBDO launched a new “Red. Fit.” campaign for feminine hygiene brand Bodyform with the spot “Blood.”

“Blood” shows a series of female athletes, from rugby players and boxers to skateboarders and bikers, getting a series of scrapes and cuts causing them to bleed. Each time, the determined women get up and keep fighting. The spot makes the connection to the brand clear with the tagline, “No blood should hold us back,” implying that menstruation shouldn’t be an impediment for female athletes.

“Blood” manages to make its message clear through its stylized footage, shot by Stink’s Jones & Tino. While the footage of women bouncing back from blood-inducing injuries may have shocked certain audiences in times past, it’s par for the course for women athletes of all types these days and menstruation shouldn’t be any different. 

The larger campaign aims to educate consumers about the menstrual cycle’s effect on exercise for women, hopefully empowering women who may have avoided working out while menstruating. “Red. Fit.” will roll out globally, including in other markets for related brands Libresse, Nana, Nuvenia and Nosotras.


“Menstruation really is ‘the last taboo’ for women in sport, simply because we lack knowledge and understanding of this subject area,” Bodyform marketing director Nicola Coronado told Campaign. “Using our partnership with St. Mary’s University, Twickenham and UCL will help us to challenge these category stereotypes and transform the consumer mindset when it comes to the perceived barriers around periods and exercise.”