AmEx Plays Indie Rock Musical Chairs to Promote Zync Card

By Matt McCarron 

American Express recently released three new commercials to promote their new Zync Card, except all three commercials are the same. How are there three commercials then? Well, while the imagery remains constant, the “different” spots feature music by Passion Pit, Andrew Bird, and The Antlers. Oh, and the Andrew Bird commercial has a female voiceover instead of the male VO featured in the other spots. But she says the exact same thing as her male counterpart. (C’mon, we don’t want the copywriters at Ogilvy working too hard.)

Developed by Ogilvy, the “Blank Canvases” commercials feature crisp imagery, similar to the look and feel of the “Don’t Take Chances. Take Charge.” Amex campaign. (Aka the “Try to Find the Smiles” commercials.)

Sources tell us that the card was “developed to appeal to the 20 and 30-something generation…[by allowing] users to personalize rewards and make the card more part of their lives.” For instance, if you add the “restaurant pack” to your package, then you receive double the points when you use your Zync Card at restaurants.

The music selection hits right at the target, using kind-of mainstream, kind-of indie music to appeal to the in-the-know crowd. Now if only those in-the-know hipsters had jobs and money. Andrew Bird and Antlers versions after the jump…

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