American Family Insurance Evolves its Platform With a New Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

American Family Insurance is debuting the newest evolution in its “Insure carefully, dream fearlessly” platform, with help from its protective red roof.

The platform has helped differentiate the brand within a highly competitive category landscape dotted by humor and mascots. Now, the brand is getting a refresh from agency Elite Media.

The new focus, “Life’s Better,” is a new twist on the positioning that American Family doesn’t just provide insurance, it protects dreams. The campaign is centered around the idea that, “when you feel totally protected, you’re free to enjoy the dreams you’ve worked so hard to achieve.”


The new spots and assets use the brand logo’s red roofline as a visual metaphor of dream protection. The red roof has been American Family’s symbol of protection, safety and inspiration for over 60 years, and as utilized in a series of spots, works as a guard for those using the insurance.

“Through ‘Life’s Better,’ American Family Insurance is disrupting the advertising space and creatively redefining itself. We look forward to seeing how the brand’s evolution will resonate with the customers it cares so deeply about,” said Christopher Crawford, founder of Elite Media in a statement.

The multimedia campaign will launch with video ads, followed by print, OOH and digital. The campaign is aimed at a diverse under-40 population.

In “Newborn,” a father cradles his child on a couch out in a field, covered by the red roof hovering over them, helping them feel safe and secure. The spot features a light instrumental version of “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers.

“Better” tells the story of Carlos, who gets caught in a hail storm at a car show but is able to make it out safely because he is covered by comfort and protection of the red roof and the support he received from his agent along the way.  In the background is the tune “The Good Life” by Devon Gilfillian.

Both films are tagged with the familiar American Family jingle, and both use mixed reality to heighten the action.

“‘Life’s Better’ reminds our audiences that they can enjoy the dreams they have worked so hard to achieve when they have peace of mind and are protected under our roof,” said Sherina Smith, CMO at American Family Insurance in a statement. “We want to cement American Family’s red roofline as an iconic brand element that reinforces our brand promise to inspire, protect and restore dreams.”

Additional video spots are planned for the future of the campaign, along with an ASMR soundtrack as part of a multisensory online brand experience called “The Soundtrack of Protection.”