Amélie Company, CDOT Launch ‘A Few Can Still be Dangerous’

By Erik Oster 

Denver agency Amélie Company launched a PSA campaign for Colorado Department of Transportation, reminding viewers that when driving “A Few Can Still be Dangerous.”

Based on the insight that 18-35 males often don’t think a few drinks can impair their ability to drive, the campaign attempts to illustrate the dangers of “a few” through analogy. In “Kids,” two women sit and chat while one of the women’s children play with chainsaws. When her friend asks if it’s safe for them to be playing with power tools, the woman replies, “They’re fine, it’s only a few.” Another spot substitutes escaped pet tarantulas to make the same point. Given the reluctance of target demographic to take advice, the exaggerated nature of the ads seems like the wrong approach. It’s too easy to dismiss the comparisons as over-the-top and not relevant. A more informative approach, outlining how the alcohol in a few drinks is enough to impair driving, even when you don’t feel drunk, would likely be more effective.


Agency: Amélie Company
Agency Producer: Kristen Del Calzo
Production Co: 8th Street Productions, Hermosa Beach
Director: Alex Grossman
Exec. Producer: Steve DeVore
Post Production: Futuristic Films