Amber Finlay Joins Arnold as SVP, Global Engagement Planning

By Matt Van Hoven 

Strategist Amber Finlay is leaving Naked Communications and role as director of digital planning for an svp global engagement planning job at Arnold. Finlay was brought on by newly-minted CEO Andrew Bennett, we’re told.

Colleagues of Finlay described her as well-respected, very smart and capable of executing her ideas. In the planning world there are many thinkers, but to be good in this biz you have to be known as a doer.

Finlay’s background is peppered with agencies you’ll know. She’s a perpetual Naked Communications employee, where she’s worked on Johnson & Johnson, Google and Citibank. She was briefly at McGarry Bowen where she helped win that not-so-little Verizon project for Droid. We aren’t sure why that didn’t stick &#151 maybe they wanted a “planner” and she wanted to be a “strategist”.


At Deep Focus she launched the account planning department. CEO and founder Ian Schafer said of Finlay, “She has some of the best planning instincts of anyone I’ve worked with. Terribly smart. Mad skillz.”

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