AlmapBBDO Gets Deep in the Shit for Kiss FM

By Patrick Coffee 

The people at Droga5 recently discussed literal bullshit with New York magazine–but a new campaign by AlmapBBDO offers a very different take on cows and their poop.

The client in this case is Kiss FM, which teamed up with BBDO’s Brazilian team to “recycle shitty songs that get stuck in people’s heads” and somehow turn them into “100% organic, chemical-free fertilizer.”

It’s not quite clear how the tunes become food for the cow, but we’ll just have to let that one go.


Here’s a print piece illustrating what can become of those shitty songs and all the poop they inspire:


Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Luiz Sanches
Executive Creation Directors: Bruno Prosperi, Renato Simões
Creative Directors: André Gola, Benjamin Yung Jr, Marcelo Nogueira Pernil
Art Directors: Fabiano de Queiroz Tatu, Marcelo Tolentino
Copywriter: Marcelo Pignatari
Image Producer: FatBastards
Executive Producers: Fernando Carvalho, Andre Pinho
Direction: Alaska
Photography: Daniel Belinky
Editor: Alaska
Director: Gustavo Amaral
Producer: Oca Filmes
Finish: Nash
Finisher: Elton Bronzelli
Image Producer: Henrique Danieletto
Audio Producer: Satélite Áudio
Producer: Equipe Satélite
Maestro: Equipe Satélite
Audio Producers: Fernanda Costa, Marina Castilho
VO: Marco Antônio
RTV: Vera Jacinto and Elisa Mello
Digital Production Manager: Paulo Henrique Bazeggio
User Experience: Caroline Ruschi Vicentini Kayatt
Programming: The GoodFellas
Digital producer: The GoodFellas
Account Executives: Cristina Chacon, Ricardo Taunay, Daniela P. Gasperini, Mariana Bottura, Beatriz Almonacid