Allscope Media Launches Allscope Direct

By Erik Oster 

Allscope-Direct-Logo-230x85-BAAllscope Media founder and CEO Evan Greenberg has teamed up with direct response marketing executive Joe Shain to create Allscope Direct, “where proven direct response strategies will be delivered by leveraging the latest technology and data to drive substantial marketplace growth for a range of clients.”

Allscope Direct will be fully integrated into Allscope Media, working with their strategic planning team and offering “a 360° suite of resources and tools that will enable ambitious companies of all sizes to earn market share, regardless of the size of their competitors.” The executive team at Allscope Direct will work directly with clients, continuously analyzing and optimizing campaigns to maximize results. Allscope Direct’s CEO Joe Shain will be joined by president Anthony Medico, previously president of E&M Advertising.

“I’m thrilled as we embark on the next chapter of Allscope Media with Joe Shain at the helm of Allscope Direct,” said Evan Greenberg. “With this added capability, we will be able to help our clients effectively compete with their largest competitors. Our investment in leading edge technology and senior level hands-on talent empowers us to help our clients build communication programs that deliver exceptional results in this highly dynamic marketplace.”