Allen & Gerritsen Announces New Hires/Promotions With Robots and Lasers

By Patrick Coffee 

When Boston/Philadelphia agency Allen & Gerritsen signed SapientNitro’s Jennifer Putnam as CCO in August, it did so with a basic press release and quote about its newest creative leader.

In order to share its latest round of hires and promotions with the world, however, the shop turned to its in-house robot Silent B.O.B. and his arsenal of major lasers.

We’ll let the robot explain.

So instead of traditional headshots, they all got laser engravings of their faces on wood. You can check out all the names here, though it would seem that only one of the lucky 13 works in the creative department.


In case you wondered, B.O.B. doesn’t just make engravings–he’s also equipped to help you tell your friends how dumb their Instagram posts are in a more-than-slightly-dickish way.

For the record, A&G is aware of a not-really-similar and completely unrelated project released to celebrate another Philadelphia-area agency’s latest hires earlier this week. Pure coincidence.

We can’t say for sure, but we have a feeling that as the new hires were sitting for the robot they all thought, “I can’t wait until this gets posted on the trade blogs.”

You know, gluttons for punishment.