Alex Bogusky is an Optimist Who Loves Kids, Chess and Bags of Rice

By Matt Van Hoven 

Best Buy is one of Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s clients and the tech-goods store recently upstarted a speaker series called “The Leading Edge”. To launch the series, they brought in Alex Bogusky, a man who considers himself an untrustworthy optimist, if you mash together a bunch of his remarks from the lengthy speech he gave in early September. Among his finer points:

&#151 Every Monday Alex apparently walks in to work with a bloody wound and grosses people out. Ah, to be young.

&#151 If you’re 5-8 years old (which you aren’t), your chances of survival in the wild are statistically higher than everyone else. Therefore, old companies suck at being flexible and won’t survive (uh oh).

&#151 A Chinese emporer wanted to reward the guy who invented Chess. When the guy asked only that the emperor give him a grain (bushel?) of rice and double it for every square on the chess board, things got ugly.

&#151 The future, in terms of businessy things, can be predicted. Guess who knows how to do it!

&#151 The auto industry is in the tank. GM included, but emphasis was put on how Toyota doesn’t know what consumers want. We agree, but how come you didn’t say the same thing about GM? Later, Bogusky says that GM should be involved in a bike sharing program like the one he started with Trek in Denver. Hmm, foreshadowing?

&#151 Companies, many of them, are afraid of showing the world what happens inside and CP+B wants to help their clients open up. As someone who wants to see inside the agency, I formally request CP+B take a dose of its own Tussin.

&#151 NetFlix should be worried about Redbox.

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