Alex Bogusky Finally Hosted His Wrestling Party, and It Was ‘Freaky’

By Patrick Coffee 

You may think we have given too much digital space to Alex Bogusky and his many wrestling foibles of late.

But now that the much-touted event has finally been documented for the ages on the platform called LinkedIn, we had to update the world.

Today Bogusky and his newly rebranded agency posted footage from the “pro wrestling themed holiday party,” which involved some maybe-professional wrestlers and at least one inflated sex toy(?)* attached to someone’s head by what looks like fishing wire. The whole thing was, in Bogusky’s own words, “freaky.”

*We stand corrected: the object in question was, in fact, an inflatable arm, as in “arm wrestling,” haha.

Chuck Porter for the win at the end there.

We never completely understood the whole wrestling deal, but an agency spokesperson told us that the games are over—for now, at least—with Bogusky ready to move on and showcase the work his company has to show the world in the new year.

“There were a lot of skeptical employees when we announced the theme,” the rep wrote. “Wrestling is way out there, and definitely divisive. But it was all about us being different, which is our theme for the new year.” Most importantly, everyone seemed at least a little fucked up.