Alex Bogusky Drops Science to Ad Newbies in Q+A with Himself

By Kiran Aditham 

On his Posterous blog Sunday, CP+B don Alex Bogusky waxed Yoda-like in a lengthy note aimed at fresh-faced ad/design/creative types.

Structured like an interview with himself, Bogusky’s post begins with the question, “Why not take a moment to define success before you pursue it?” The man whose agency we hear is ratcheting up its relationship with Best Buy and was handed the Cuervo account (though CP+B wouldn’t comment) tries to offer some sound career advice on success to the young ‘uns.

Perhaps from some cold mountaintop abode, Bogusky answers “questions” including “How do I define success for myself?” and “So what do I do once I have a personal definition of success and a job too?” His reply to the latter includes:

“Once you are working you are in for a great ride because an agency is a busy place and there is always too much to do. For those who have ambition that means there is always a chance to grow and learn because people are always looking for somebody to pawn some work off onto. All you have to do is be there and get it done right. Getting it right is the key.”

But we won’t spoil the rest of Bogusky’s sermon for you. Indulge the man (and his split persona) and save the cost of attending a career seminar.

Via Brand Flakes for Breakfast

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