AKQA Copywriter Reveals Crayon Video Diary

By Bob Marshall 

AKQA SF copywriter Josh Bogdan has some things to get off of his chest. About a month ago, we received an anonymous tip featuring a crayon-drawn video from Bogdan called “The Penis Pushup,” which chronicled his troubles with a girl (he would later date) spreading rumors that he had a tiny dick. What can we say, Josh? We laughed with you, we cried with you, and we really hoped you’d one day make a video like this for your clients Nike and Target.

Then, the above video surfaced. Apparently, Bogdan once partly decapitated a goose with an arrow with the hopes of getting sloppy makeouts from a soccer-playing camp counselor. Truly, love is a fickle mistress, and what young guy hasn’t done countless idiotic things for a girl he crushed on? Josh, if you didn’t have your crayon drawings for therapy, we’d recommend you seek professional help. In the meantime, we salute you for sacrificing your masculinity for a good Internet laugh.

Now, seriously, let’s see the next Nike spot feature a girl with only a rectangle head and boobs chasing around a goose bleeding out of its neck.

Update: We’re hoping Josh didn’t get in trouble for these videos, as they’ve been set to private on YouTube. We apologize for the inconvenience.