Airheads Has ‘More Fun’ With Its Latest Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

Airheads is a candy that knows its place, and it’s one that has elevated sweets advertising to an astral plane of strangeness. The brand, which recently got into the chicken sandwich wars with a candy bun and took a bizarrely playful turn at skippable ads, has taken the path more oddly trodden in a new campaign from AOR Highdive.

The new “Airheads Have More Fun” creative campaign, directed by Harry Einstein of Dummy Films, is about how people who eat Airheads have more fun, taking it to absurd heights. In one spot, a couple of cowboys on horses look on mystified as another cowboy trots in eating Airheads riding a hippo.


In another spot a routine trip to the doctor turns into the doc playing the kid patient like a drum set with his reflex hammer.

“Where there’s Airheads Candy, play isn’t far behind. People have always played with Airheads. Shaking the bars to make them into a ball or shaping them like putty. This gives us license to be a little hyperbolic, showing that people who eat Airheads have more fun—making for out there, memorable work,” said Highdive co-founder and chief creative officer Chad Broude in a statement.

The agency created different versions of the ads for different placements, including “director’s cuts” of “Howdy” and “Reflexive.”

The campaign will run on streaming services, including Hulu, PubMatic, Viacom, Freewheel, SpotX, Roku, YouTube, TrueX Interactive, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

“At the core of Airheads Candy has always been a playful spirit. And we wanted a campaign that reminds people of that. It’s about the true spirit of play. Imaginative, carefree, just for the fun of it play,” said Craig Cuchra, vp of marketing for Perfetti Van Melle, makers of Airheads, in a statement.


Client: Perfetti Van Melle / Airheads

Ad or Campaign: Airheads Have More Fun

VP of Marketing North America: Craig Cuchra

Brand Director, Airheads: Chris Borges

Senior Brand Manager, Airheads: JR Reall

Associate Brand Manager: Andreina Tirado Amaya


Agency: Highdive

Co-Founder/CCO: Chad Broude

Co-Founder/CCO: Mark Gross

Creative Director / Art Director: Philipe Diao

Creative Director / Copywriter: Aaron Cathey

Copywriter: Jim Lemaitre

Managing Partner, Account and Strategy Lead: Megan Lally

Account Director: Julie Merkin

Assistant Account Executive: Audrey Yin

Head of Production: Jen Passaniti

Producer: Kam McAllister

Director of Business Affairs: Kelley Beaman

Production Business Manager: Annie Paganini


Production Company: Dummy Films

Director: Harold Einstein

Producer: Michael Kanter

1st AD: Michael Parziale

Offline Edit: Arcade

Executive Producer / Partner: Sila Soyer

Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone

Producer: Andrew Cravotta

Editor: Dave Anderson

Assistant: Samuel Barden

VFX: The Mill

Senior Producer: Rachel Burke

Head of Production: James Babiarz

Creative Director, Head of CG Los Angeles: John Leonti

Creative Director, Joint Head of CG: Ben Turner

Color: CO3

Senior Producer, Short Form: Kevin Breheny

Head of Commercial Color: Tim Masick

Mix/Sound Design + Finish: 1986

Executive Producer: Becca Sita

Sound Design/Mix: Steve Aguilar