Air Force Reserve Musician Paid Paltry Sum to Piss Off White Stripes

By Kiran Aditham 

As a follow-up to yesterday’s White Stripes/Air Force Reserve tiff, the latter party has now responded to the band’s plagiarism accusations by blaming the publisher Fast Forward Music for providing the score. In a statement, the Reserve says, “[Any] likeness to any other music is completely unintentional. There was never any intention to utilize any existing music or to sound like any music by the band White Stripes.”

Still, perhaps the most significant thing to note from this story is that the musician behind the track–56-year-old Salt Lake City resident Kem Kraft–was paid only $2,000 to submit a composition for a Super Bowl ad. He tells Entertainment Weekly that he was asked to provide “high energy music” but claims he doesn’t listen to White Stripes “kind of music,” adding “I might have [heard it] somehow or somewhere. I had no intention whatsoever of copying [the Stripes]. If [Jack White needs] me to pay the money back that I made, which was 2,000 bucks…I will do that.”

Via Prefix and The Guardian

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