AICP #3: World’s Largest Phallic Symbol Helps France Regain Mojo

By Michael Musco 

Here’s a look at the VCU Brandcenter students’ third “Art is Advertising” case study, which like Da Vinci and Michelangelo before it, supports the AICP’s call for entries launch. In this installment, we have France in 1886, which hadn’t won a war in 200 years, going 0-for-6, and thus earning the title of the least masculine country in the world.

So how does one go about getting its mojo/machismo back? By creating the world’s largest penis, of course. To bring the ladies back to France, the nation called upon Gustave Eiffel to create the most enormous phallic symbol to date, which we’ve of course come to know as the Eiffel Tower. After its erection, 80 percent of the world’s women found Paris to be the most romantic city ever and tourism by both men and women rose 1,000 percent. “That’s what we call an extra large success” as the video so wryly states. Ok, the cleverness has given way to a bit of juvenility, but we don’t mind…yet. View credits after the jump.

Ad Campaign: VCU Brandcenter
Art Director/Video Producer: Brianna Lohr
Copywriter/Video Producer: Claire Wyckoff
Copywriter/Video Producer Lane Karczewksi
Interactive Art Director: Stephen Hadinger
Strategist: Gautam Ramdurai
Strategist/Project Manager: Kyla Wagman

Video Editor: David Satterfield

Music/Sound Design
COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound
Partner: Ravi Krishnaswami
Partner: Jason Menkes

Audio Postproduction/Voiceover Recording
Mixer: Kevin Halpin
Executive Producer: Jeff Rosner
Technical Producer: Davide Berardi

Web Developer
Istros Media Corporation

Voiceover Artists
Jamie Cummings (“Eiffel Tower”