A**hole of the Week

By Inocul8tor 

BRACELETS BRACELETS BRACELETS, you’re an asshole asshole asshole. You win this week’s award because I took a shit-ton of slack for getting down on Al Kelly, so now it’s your turn. According to the 47 comments about Mr. Al Kelly becoming CCO of Euro, I’m “dumb, bitter, and a petty little asshole.” Maybe I was a bit off-base and incorrect in my assessment of the man- I don’t know him. I was probably just pissed off cuz my roommate left the toilet seat up that morning and I practically sat in spunk water when I was about to take my morning dump…sigh. I digress.

Apparently Kelly is loved by people, so shame on you! However, you’re the asshole this week, because 1) you didn’t have the nerve to shit-talk him on the relevant post, instead you hid it here, and 2) I have an excuse for my assessment. I write to rile people up; to make them think or be pissed off or love me to pieces. Sometimes when people get new positions in the industry, it’s nice to hear what others have to say about them. What’s your fucking excuse? You couldn’t even give context around your opinion, so not only are this week’s asshole, but you’re a LAZY MUTHA-ASSHOLE.

So, Bracelets Bracelets Bracelets, my hat goes off to you for being such a pussy. Next time, be a prick on the right thread. ‘Til then, the search bar’s there for a reason- use it.

Ahhh, I feel so much better about this whole Kelly thing now. Thanks for being an asshole, B-cubed.