Agency Tales: The Dog and Pony Show Can Be Demanding

By Kiran Aditham 

So, AgencySpy recently met up with an old friend of ours from a notable digital shop who tells us of a recent proposed get-together that never occurred thanks to the lofty demands of an agency that’s part of the WPP family.

According to our source, the shop’s new business development staffer reached out to introduce himself to the agency and mentioned, “maybe we should get together…do a presentation…the normal dog and pony show. Turns out the entry to do a dog and pony show for them (a place that needs help and partners) [is] we have to come to them and bring food…bring your own food and pitch!.”

After thinking about it, the shop came back and proposed that the agency come to them and the former would buy lunch. The agency replied and said they can’t come to the shop because it’s too difficult to get two dozen people to travel. Instead, the agency said let’s still do it at their office and the shop would still have to pay for lunch–though the agency did recommend caterers.

“Lol. So all we have to do is order lunch for 26? The balls on these people!,” an internal email from the shop’s biz dev person read. “Talk about not getting it,” our source adds. Ladies and gentlemen, please start your guessing engines now.

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