Agency Holiday Cards; Too Many, Not Enough Time

By Matt Van Hoven 

The ad agency holiday card ranks among the more inane, useless products coming from the industry each year. Yet time and time again we’re inundated with them (full disclosure: we asked for it), each usually offering some wonky take on the Christmas theme. Seriously, where’r the Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Festivus microsites? That’d be something. Meantime, here’s a list of the shop work you may have missed. For now they’re in no particular order:

&#151 Wasserman and Partners has a bunch of great gifts in there holiday shopping store, available only through their Holiday Shopping Channel. See above.

&#151 Design your own snowman with Y&R Team Detroit.


&#151 Play Christmas songs with Langland’s faces.

&#151 Help Rosetta catch a million snowflakes and they’ll help school kids in New Orleans, somehow.

&#151 Make Movember last through the holiday season with Bernstein-Rein’s Stache the Halls.

&#151 Don’t have a New Year’s resolution? That’s OK, does.

&#151 As boring as water.

&#151 An XMas power hour! If you don’t know what this is, go back to 1989 and sit there until you learn.

&#151 Preston Kelly had an awesome white elephant thing going on, but alas it’s over. So, no link.

&#151 Campfire made firelogs from old newspaper. Cool idea. I hear there’s one sitting on my desk, right nowsies.

&#151 The Screamer Company has some holideas. Arg. The video is cuteness, though.

&#151 A Christmas comic!

&#151 Engine Digital’s got some terrible ideas for holiday micrisites, on their holiday microsite.

&#151 This year, advertising “lost the farm”, expecting a smaller group of people to produce the same (or more) milk. JWT hopes for greener pastures in ’10.

&#151 Season’s Beatings: the holiday season’s main characters are pitted against each other for some reason.

&#151 Cossette made some guy be a slave, er, do good things.

&#151 Need some geeky holiday gift cards?

&#151 Digital fruitcake is almost as boring as its corporeal brother.

&#151 Horatio, the singing Christmas sandwich, does some holiday songs. From Creature.

&#151’s been holidized!

&#151 Haven’t had enough? MakeTheLogoBigger has a few as well. Hint: bondage Elmo.

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