Agency Goes for Broke in Bold, Dumb Job Post

By Kiran Aditham 

We know this is something usually reserved for our No Wukkas section, but we couldn’t resist the job listing below from Magner Sanborn, a Spokane, WA-based shop that is looking for copywriters and art directors  “with major chops.” The agency has some lofty ambitions as you’ll see below. Any takers?

“We plan to be voted “Agency of the Year” by 2013. Seriously.

Good work isn’t good enough. We need to get better and need creative leaders to help us pull it off. Magner Sanborn a Spokane-based agency working with brands in a range of interesting and emerging categories–clients who will allow us to do work that makes others say, “f*ck, I wish I’d done that.”

We move fast and furiously, and our clients love us for it. (We cranked out three Super Bowl spots last year in under four weeks.) But the work has been good, not mind-blowing…yet.

Here’s what we need: Innovators with a track record of developing, pitching and executing breakthrough integrated campaigns and branded engagement forms. Yes, you’ve worked at the best shops. And yes, you’ve won a shit-load of hardware for your previous efforts. But you also understand that innovation can serve a real and valuable role—that it’s not just about BEING creative.

What we don’t need: Posers. Whiners. People who aren’t willing to work their asses off. And people who aren’t willing to hang at it for awhile

Submit your info to Please don’t apply unless you’re the real deal and ready for the challenge.”