Agency Fight Breaks Out on Craigslist, of All Places

By Matt Van Hoven 

Normally when companies want to take potshots at one another, they do so on their respective blogs or on Twitter. But a Boston based flash company (those still exist?) used payment figures from another firm to entice “an experienced and well-connected San Francisco-based sales expert from the agency world” to their company. The squabble resulted in a libel threat from the offended agency. The offender’s response: post said legal threat within the offending post. Ah, the internet.

The job offer that started it all: “The compensation is 20% of all gross sales from your accounts. Since these microsites average $250,000 and we expect to create about 2 of them a month, the 20% comes out to $100,000 a month once we get rolling. If you are familiar with the agency world then you know that this is not only possible, but also small change.”

As if $1.2 mil annually isn’t enough reason to call bullshit (I mean, are clients really still buying flash microsites? Apparently, I’m too hopeful that they’re a dying breed).

The best way to see how we will fit in the agency world is to visit the site of the competition, Oasis Technology Partners at Notice the product offerings, notice their customers &#151 both agency and direct, and notice the management team who pay you $5000 for a microsite that they charge $200,000 for. It is time that you join WDean and get your fair share.

Addendum (10/12): Jeff McMahon, CEO of Oasis Technology Partners called our firm in order offer a rebuttal by demonstrating his firm’s core capabilities.

Libel? Not for us to decide, but we’d hedge on no, though that all depends on how good McMahon’s lawyers are. And Dean’s.


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