Agency Creatives Launch Tinder…for Baby Names

By Patrick Coffee 

Hey there, agency creatives: are you and your significant other expecting yet still struggling to decide whether your first-born will be Jayden, Reagan or Madison?

Damjan Pita and Derek Evan Harms–who both happen to be ACDs at a certain New York agency–have a solution: Tinder for baby names.

They started the project in collaboration with “a bunch of friends all over the world.” The team was inspired by another former colleague who described how he and his wife have been making lists of monikers for their prospective kids and comparing their results in the interest of finding common ground.


So they made an app: swipe right if you like the name and left if you don’t. It’s simple and very pastel. As Pita tells us, “finding a name for your baby should be as fun as making it.”

Your own side project may well be cooler than this one, but the app taught us that Gray means “grey-haired” and Yunus means “dove.” Did you know that?!