Affinity Wants You to Kiss Your Dog

By Erik Oster 

Sydney-based media and advertising agency Affinity launched a new campaign for Ceva Animal Health, promoting its new Prozym Dental Treatment line of canine dental treats.

Since bad breath is often the first sign of serious dental disease in dogs, the agency decided to highlight the treats’ positive impact on how the treats help freshen the breath of our canine companions. A series of ads show dogs licking their owners’ faces, with the tagline, “Fresh breath. As tested on humans.” It’s a cute, if also slightly gross, simple and effective strategy, far more likely to appeal to pet owners than a scientific explanation of how the treats help dogs fight dental disease. The images, courtesy of photographer Andreas Bommert are spot-on as well, with a perfect selection of dog breed to match each owner. The campaign images will run both online and in-store.

“We all know those dog owners who awkwardly don’t hold back when kissing their dogs, so we wanted to focus on this insight to drive home our benefit of fresh breath,” explained Affinity creative director Marcus Tesoriero. “Our client was courageous enough to support our vision and we believe this work will provide a strong platform to launch Prozym in the Australian market.”



Agency: Affinity, Sydney, Australia
Client: Ceva Animal Health
Creative Director: Marcus Tesoriero

Art Director: Charles Grant
Copywriter: Marcus Tesoriero
Head of Design: Mark Clayton
Design: Carlie Smith
Director of Strategy: Angela Smith
Head of Business Management: Cheyne Oxford
Business Manager: Annalise McDonnell
Business Executive: Thomas Smyth
Photographer: Andreas Bommert
Producer: Grant Navin