Affairs Site Ashley Madison Reveals Billboard In Sydney

By Bob Marshall 

If you haven’t heard of Ashley Madison yet, it’s a website for married people who would like to have affairs and prefer the ease of an internet dating format to that of in-person interaction. You’ve probably by this point seen an advertisement on late night television or midday radio and thought, “Wait, really?” Yes, really.

Well the controversial website, which coincidentally recently made a $25 million offer for naming rights to the new Meadowlands stadium (good luck), is now offending saucy Aussies with a new billboard campaign. The outdoor advertisements began a mere three weeks after a television advertisement was taken off the air.

The billboard is located at Sydney Domestic Airport, enticing travelers to add one more item to their tourist agenda. Media planner Frontier Media is at stake of having their advertising pulled by Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau if enough complaints are made about the billboard’s content.

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