Adweek’s Agencies Of The Year

By SuperSpy 

Adweek has named their agencies of the year. Now don’t be shocked, but it’s Cripsin, for US agency, and TBWA for global agency. TBWA lands that spot for the second time in three years. Adweek gives a deep nod to the agency for picking up the Visa account; billings up for 4% and a 68% rate of winning pitches.

On the other hand, Crispin picks up the win for their Microsoft and Burger King work. Surprise!

Whether you love or hate them, the ad journal points to the agency’s whopping billings increase of 15% as a key factor in naming them the top US shop. Come on… that’s pretty fantastic. They also point to the agency’s pitch ratio – 4 out of 4. Hunh. Well then… Still, CP+B will remain a controversial choice. One commenter on the site said: “A junk food advertising agency. A pathetic choice.” On the other hand, another reader notes:

“Good for them, and good for the industry. Say what you will, they sell real clients real creative work. And that is the case for all their clients, they don’t phone it in on any of them. Even if you don’t love the work, for me the VW is pretty crappy, OK, really crappy, it’s still more than most agencies can say. Congrats CPB!”

Where do you stand?

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