Adweek Media Group Converging Media Pubs, 19 Jobs Cut

By Matt Van Hoven 

AdWeek Media Group will be implementing a new strategy, according to the company, which includes (most importantly) layoffs. In a long, drawn out post on AdWeek dot com, the company said one salient thing;

“With this new strategy, the Adweek Media Group will eliminate some editorial positions and reassign editorial coverage responsibilities, enabling delivery of a broader and more diverse amount of content to their collective audiences.

‘As we reorganize our team, we will continue to invest in areas of high growth opportunity, including digital technology and staff, and develop new products and services to serve our readers and advertisers,'” said Sabrina Crow senior vice president of the marketing, media and visual arts group.

broke the story earlier today, but AdWeek published the statements above.

Apparently, so far 19 positions have been eliminated company-wide.

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