AdWeak Revolutions

By SuperSpy 

AdWeak has officially relaunched their print magazine, as well as their website complete with an ad campaign. How ironic. The reviews around the web focus on two things: Editor Alison Fahey’s behavior and
1. Gawker reprinted a full email from Alison Fahey who seems to be trying staffers out of the house.

“[Redacted], thank you for completing this task, you win two extra days off.

The rest of you have until Monday at 10 am SHARP. For each agency profile

missing, the designated writer will be given another chance to make

deadline by receiving three new agency profile assignments that will be due

on Friday.

[Redacted], please go into the TOP50 file at 10 am and compile a list of what

is in there. I have the list of unassigned agency profiles that we will be

doling out Monday at 11.

Thank you,


2. George Parker takes offense (as we would, too) when he receives a back handed email soliciting press.

“- I had a nice email from Alison Fahey just a few days ago, asking me if I would like to review the new format, which I said I would be happy to do. Went to the Web site, and they want me to sign up for $300 fucking dollars. How about a comp subscription Alison?”

3. Stuart Elliot focuses on the actual campaign:

“The campaign, by a New York agency with the unlikely name of Cowboy, treats Adweek like a consumer product that is undergoing a relaunch. The campaign even refers to “the new Adweek,” as if it were a toothpaste reformulated with different ingredients or a cereal being made with an improved recipe.”

“Another ad, depicting a man watching cows flying through the sky, carries this headline: “The new Adweek cannot predict where the next tornado will hit. It will, however, help you take the industry by storm.”

Oh hilarious. Hilarious!

4. Jack Feuer on Mediapost hits it on the head if you ask us:

“Upon reviewing the fruits of these labors, it’s clear that the boneheaded book has learned its lesson. Adweek is no longer even trying to pretend it’s an independent, informed trade magazine.”


What do we think? Anyone who has ever worked at a magazine knows that the boss, 8 times out of 10, is going to be a raging asshole. So, Allison – keep it real over there and do your thing. As for the site, it is easier to use, but it still has the same ol’ AdWeak feel to us. Yawn.