Advertising Terrorism: Honda Has Got To Love It

By SuperSpy 

I was just stumbling my way through YouTube and found the video above featuring Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad foaming at the mouth about the evils of America and Israel. Yeah, yeah. This is a re-run. Until you get to the end where the copy appears:

“Less fuel. Less money for terror. Switch to a Hybrid car.”

And then, the Honda logo. Yup-yup. The Honda logo. The car maker’s communications team will surely be calling up YouTube for removal in, oh, ten seconds or so, but here’s the thing… Shit! This is so much more interesting than most car ads. Also, why didn’t the person who made this spot use an American car maker? It would be so much more believable.

Tone this spot down, run it and GM might actually be able to move some vehicles using the awesome power of fear. Sure, sure there might be a few ethics questions there, but hell, GM needs sales. They need them now. A little advertising terrorism never hurt anyone. Beside, if fear can get George Bush reelected, then it can do almost anything.

What other products could use advertising terrorism in their copy to their advantage? Hmmm… how about – “Other toy companies use lead based products that have killed hundreds of children. At LeapFrog toys, we’re all natural.”

My copywriting is a bit shit on that but you get the idea. The comments section is open. I’ll take the reader with the best fear based slogan out for a beer. I promise.

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