Advertising Finally Comes to Chatroulette

By Matt Van Hoven 

fter* all these days, Chatroulette has figured out a way to integrate advertising. Fancy Feast gets the win here for an augmented reality bit with a cat. The only question that remains is how many penises the poor animal has been exposed to and whether or not this qualifies as animal cruelty.

Note: not sure if this is spec or legit. Looking into it. Udate: It’s spec! Mason Gentry, an art director whose work can be seen here. Gentry confirms the cat, Buster, “was exposed to quite a few phalluses in making the piece.” Poor pussy.

Also, how does this compare to FCUK?

*What’s up with that funky “A”? Check out DailyDropCap from typographer Jessica Hische.

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