Advertising Exec Gets Cut From The Bachelor

By SuperSpy 

How did we miss this? There’s a senior account manager from the Orlando based Knight Agency on The Bachelor? No shit. Maybe we missed it because The Bachelor, despite rolling into its 12th season with unusually high ratings, has never appealed to us.

Nonetheless, the 27-year old Amanda Rantuccio, was recently cut from the shows girly line-up and we missed it. She made it to the final three before being cut. The final episode of the show is set to air on May 12th.

“She made a guest appearance last week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but don’t look for more TV in Rantuccio’s future. She is back to advertising.

She had her boss’ support: Together, they weighed the pros and cons before she went on the show. She has no regrets about the experience.”

Guess her boss thought it would be great PR for the agency. Um, so… why don’t you guys have a web page that can be reasonably found in less than fifteen minutes? Seriously. Ad agencies have got to get better about using search engines. Good luck to Amanda (she really liked the dude) and good luck to the little agency that should have… Sheesh.