Advertising Agency T3 Says: “Bring Your Babes!”

By SuperSpy 

T3 in Austin has had over 50 babies come into the office strapped to their Mothers chest in the first few months of their wee little lives. While there is a small minority of companies willing to let baby come to work, the agency went for it after four senior executives got pregnant within a few months of each other.

“I thought, ‘what if they don’t come back?’,” the company’s founder, Gay Gaddis, told USA Today. “Now the babies are here, in internal meetings and being fed on meeting tables. It does a lot for morale.”

Across industries, companies are trying to figure out how to keep women who are vital to the daily churn of the business churning. For example, accounting firm Ernst & Young offers subsidised child care in the home.

Of course, the idea of babies being changed in cubicles and crying during brainstorms has some people ticked off.

“I do not go to work every day to listen to the breeders’ brats scream all day and to smell their baby poo diapers,” one enraged reader responded to a piece on the topic in Time magazine. “And I certainly don’t want to walk past a cubicle to see some woman breastfeeding her baby. No.”