Adidas Clears Things Up About Agency Status

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, guess some of us in the ad media jumped the gun a bit. Just a couple of days after numerous reports (including our own) announced that Sid Lee was taking over the global Adidas account, the brand has sent this official statement that says it is still retaining ties with TBWA, which shared the account with 180 Amsterdam for the past eight years. Read on…

“In March of this year, adidas announced that it had awarded a significant communications assignment for 2011 to Sid Lee. Over the last three years, Sid Lee has been the lead agency on adidas Originals as well as lead digital agency for the Sport Style Division.

Following this decision adidas has decided to also allocate the digital marketing assignments for Sport Performance with Sid Lee.

As of January 2011 Sid Lee will be lead digital agency for adidas digital Sport Performance assignments, taking over from RIOT, the digital arm of 180 Amsterdam who have held the account for the past two years.

The brand continues to work closely with TBWA network and this decision will not significantly affect the brand’s relationship with the TBWA Group and other existing agency relationships.

We thank RIOT for their support over the last two years.”

Well, we guess that clears things up. Look for more Originals/Star Wars mashups moving forward.

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