ADC’s New Objective: Connect, Provoke and Be Fabulous

By Kiran Aditham 

Hot pink is the color of choice in ADC’s new logo (above), which is part of the club’s new mantra to “Connect, Provoke and Elevate.” While we’ll let you be the judge, one attendee was so shocked by the redesign that he basically walked out of the joint (but later returned for the open bar of course). Anyhow, last night, a crowd gathered to watch HappyCorp founder Doug Jaeger (and his usual built-in tie T-shirt) introduce the creative behind the new brand identity, Jacob Trollback, president/CD of Trollback + Company.

After watching a slideshow of the ADC logo’s evolution, Trollback explained the meaning behind the work. In a statement, he says, “Companies and organizations usually use acronyms in their branding to distance themselves from their past. In our case, we wanted to do the exact opposite and embrace our origins and heritage.”

Besides having a healthy supply of Hendrick’s Gin, which was more than welcome, the cocktail party also promoted the launch of ADC CUBE, a new boys and girls club for past and present winners of the eponymous award.

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