AdAge Selects New Digital Editor: Me

By Matt Van Hoven 

After a long, hard decision making process I’ve decided to accept the role of Digital Editor at Advertising Age, where I will report directly to Editor Abbey Klaassen. Klaassen was kind enough to let me break the news here.

I started my career in advertising reporting nearly two years ago, blogging from a tiny apartment in Harlem with no air conditioning. It was hot, and the only thing that kept me cool was the ice at the bottom of my low-balls. From there it was an upward climb to a full time position at mediabistro. The help I’ve received along the way has been monumental &#151 especially from the long-gone SuperSpy, who is returning to work with Kiran Aditham. Both will act as co-editors.

The decision to join AdAge was tough. We’ve had our moments over the last two years, but AdAge approached me and made it clear that they couldn’t operate under their current model any longer and needed some “fresh” energy in their hallowed offices. I look forward to coffees with Rupal Parekh and biscotti with Brian Morrissey. Wait, he works at AdWeek.

So thanks to all of you who have given so much to me over the last 18 months. You’ve helped me grow into AdAge’s new digital editor, a position that has a clear path to the editor’s desk. Thanks for everything. No sleep til Brooklyn.

Update: Ha ha, April Fools.