AdAge Has It Wrong. The Enfatico/Dell Website Story Is Crap

By SuperSpy 

Today’s Enfactico story alleges that the company may either to broke or to incompetent to purchase a website in a timely fashion for their client Dell. From the AdAge story with the headline, “Enfatico Didn’t Want to Fork Over Funds for Website?”:

“…the Dell agency refused to pony up $750 a month to lease — the most obvious domain for Dell’s new ultrathin laptop computer, launched recently to rival Apple’s MacBook Air. Luckily for consumers, that decision didn’t stick once Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell caught wind of the situation; the domain was eventually bought, and now users can reach it via and”

MSNBC has picked this up as have other outlets. And guess what – for all of us who work in advertising? We know it’s total bollocks. Why?

1. Agencies very, very rarely get to just go ahead and purchase URLs for clients who generally, demand all sorts of approvals before anything is ever done. We don’t have carte blanche like AdAge is implying. It’s possible that Dell stalled on Enfactico’s request and/or just decided not to purchase it. Anyone who has worked in an agency knows this is very possible. AdAge is wrongly assigning blame to Enfactico and yes, I’m defending them. I can’t believe it either, but right is right and this assumption is wrong.

2. The brand isn’t actually called Adamo. It’s called Adamo by Dell, so why would they even be interested in Adamo? Often, brands purchase similar URLS for their product and have it redirect users to the main client site. We all know this, as well. Dell already owns What it sounds like is that the company was unsure as whether to fork over $750 for a like-minded URL.

There. Case closed.

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