AD-vice — Partnered with Crap — what to do?

By OnDownLow 

So we have another entry that you guys can ponder over the dead Friday afternoon at your desks…

“I’m a junior at an agency just outside of a major market. I’ve been working for about 6 months, and everything is great, aside from the fact that my partner is complete crap.

She’s the idea killer. If she doesn’t think it’s gold, she shits on it, meaning we both end up producing crappy work because her ideas are the only ones she likes.

What do you think is the best way to deal with a partner who just doesn’t want to work as a team? Talk to CD? HR? New job??

I’ve tried talking to her, got the bullshit responses about trying harder and nothing has changed…”

So creatives — what do you do when you are saddled with an anchor?