Ad Kin Activate, Form Retrospective

By Matt Van Hoven 

If culture is the blood of society, Retrospective is one of many arteries carrying it to those of us who exist in toes and otherwise less cool places. The group consists of a hodgepodge of writers and artists from various fields, and is helmed by Gitamba Saila-Ngita, a strategist whose roots stem back to Evolution Bureau.

Young hustlers, they are, and today they bring us some work they did with Urgent Content (the guys behind the Flip cam campaign). Sponsored by Zipcar, their inaugural works (“Two Sides of Cool” &#151 RetroTV) are about two up-and-comers in the music and comedy scenes.

Most prominent to the masses is Donald Glover, a former writer on ’30 Rock’ and co-creator of Derrick Comedy. The full segment is set for release next month, but for now here’s a taste.

Donald Glover – Two Sides of Cool (2nd in a series) Trailer from The Retrospective on Vimeo.

Participating culture watchers include co-founder Jason Reid, producer Alicia Adams, editor-in-chief Caitlin Schiller (kind of an ironic name, no?), managing editor Adrienne McIlvaine, AD Matt Carvalho (also of EVB fame) and production supa Phil Nacionales. Kudos to these kids for coming together to do something, whatever this turns out to be.

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