‘Absurdly Simple Savings’ Leads to Absurdly Humorous Campaign for BJ’s Wholesale Club

By Kyle O'Brien 

BJ’s Wholesale Club is launching a new campaign in partnership with longtime agency of record Terri & Sandy that builds off the success of the brand’s ongoing “Absurdly Simple Savings” platform and adds plenty of absurdist humor.

The new work, which will run nationally on television and online, consists of over a dozen twisted videos that promise of “up to 25% off grocery store prices,” as well as “everyday low gas prices.”

The creative borrows from the storytelling tropes and visual aesthetics of a variety of classic genres, and each story begins true to its world before taking an absurdist turn as the savings at BJ’s hijack the storyline.


In one spot, a man enters a balloon shop and realizes that there might be a helium leak, as their voices grow ever higher. Another sees a woman arguing with her dead husband through a medium at a séance, while a third finds a doctor giving some bad news after first seeing the good news of the neighborhood getting a new BJ’s.

“We leveraged humor, relevant conversational candor and creative unique storytelling deliverables to create these news spots to showcase BJ’s unbeatable value and incredible savings in a fun, entertaining way,” said Donna Noa, vp marketing and branding, BJ’s Wholesale Club in a statement.

In addition, a mini-series of 12 videos parodying the local news casting genre and touting BJ’s “newsworthy” savings, will run as digital-only content across connected TV, YouTube, and social platforms, and all feature a serious newscaster being interrupted by a callous anchor who cares little about the actual news and concentrates on BJ’s savings. Subjects include a bear terrorizing a town and a pyramid scheme scandal.

“It is a very difficult economic climate right now and we know that shoppers actually feel anxiety when they go to the grocery store and the pumps. We want to bring levity to the situation and deliver a compelling savings message in a fresh, funny voice,” said Terri Meyer, co-founder of Terri & Sandy in a statement.

All creative was directed by Nalle Sjöblad, known for his award-winning work for brands including Burger King, Supercell, Aspercreme and Sky.